Question Is my ps4 sound settings correct???

Jun 20, 2020
So i started playing the TLOU2 and when i went in the sound options i noticed that the only available option was 2.0 channel, not 5.1 so i went to the ps4 sound settings and changed some things around. i changed hdmi out to optical out and pcm linear to dts and now i have the 5.1 option available in the game. I have my ps4 to the tv via hdmi and the tv to the receiver via optical cable. So my question is do i have the correct setup now or am i doing it wrong????
Did you try setting the audio out to HDMI and PCM to DTS?
That would send audio via HDMI to the TV and from the TV to the receiver via optical. TV optical output may have to be turned on, the TV speakers turned off, and the TV audio set to bitstream.
If you leave PS4 settings as you have them that would send audio via optical rather than HDMI so you would have to connect the PS4 optical out directly to the receiver. You may need to do that if the TV won't pass through the PS4 audio.
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