Is the Alienware 18 (Gaming Laptop) worth the price if you travel a lot?

Worth it if you travel a lot?

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Dec 25, 2013
I know that building your own computer is much cheaper than buying one pre-made, especially when buying a gaming laptop.

However, I move around overseas, and live overseas on account of my work. Currently, I live in Nicaragua for 6 months then move to somewhere different for another six months.

I also travel a lot back to the US for family visits, and those can last up to three months at a time.

I was going to buy the parts of a computer, and assemble it down here, and when I needed to move pack it up. But building it here seems so unreliable, since if I'm missing a part, something breaks and needs to be replaced, I can't go to a hardware shot here, since most shops do not specialize in this sort of stuff. And sending parts over is even worse since it most likely won't come unless you bring another $300 to send it via UPS, ect.

Currently, I have my trust worthy ASUS G75vw which is sub par as of now... and I'm looking for a computer that should last me another 7-10 years (assuming no physical damage happens).

Now, I want to ask if it's worth it. Because, when ever I search this topic most people just say;
"No, build a PC"
And personally, I want to avoid that topic and reason and look at the reasons if it's really good and worth the price if you travel like me.

So, is an Alienware 18 worth the price you pay. (Again, disregard the fact the building a computer is cheaper). Is what you get the price of what you pay?

Again, I travel a lot.


Apr 28, 2014
If you travel between locations like you described, but not on daily basis (like taking laptop to work every day or so) it is good alternative to PC, actually may be much better than PC for reasons you already described.

If you would need to also move with laptop on daily basis rather get something smaller like 14-15", i think alienware makes something in that range too ofc not so powerful as their 18" brother.


Feb 2, 2014
ASUS is a good brand, with a good reputation, and as it seems now, your computer should still play the games of this year at acceptable settings, you could also check out Gigabyte, Aorus, MSI, or sagernotebook.


May 1, 2009
Whether a machine is too heavy to be mobile is a personal choice. I've have big screen laptops for years. I've purchased 1 20.1" laptop that I took to beach when at Hotel, 2 18.4 " laptops that I've flown with and watched movie on flight and 2 or 3 17.3" laptops. For me it's not a problem. Now maybe if I was a student and had to carry around campus all day that is a different story MAYBE. The Alienware is configurable as they have 3 base models on the Alienware website. I purchased the 2nd option that at the time it started at like 2299 and low model was 2099. I believe the deifference was the base of my model came with the 4810 MQ processor and 16gb of ram compared to 4710MQ and 8 GB ram. I did upgrade the base from 1 1 tb hd with a 32 GB Msata SSD to a 256 SSD with a 1 TB HD.

Actually now they have the base at 2099 and the 2299 isn't on the website so you would have to pay a little more probably to move to the 4810 MQ and 16 GB.

If you do choose an Alienware the prices changes when you add on components. Exotic PC allows more options to configure only. If you look on Ebay most of the system have the 700 series of the Nvidia graphics card.
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