Question Is the screen upgrade Innolux N173HCE-G33 compatible with Alienware 17 r4 ?

May 28, 2019
Have a look at this specs:

There are three models, depening on which resolution:
1080p -> 30pin socket
1440p -> 40pin socket
2160p -> 40pin socket

A 30pin socket will only work with a 30pin panel and a A 40pin socket will only work with a 40pin panel

you can compare your specific model on this side to the N173HCE-G33 :
thank you for your answer ! The thing is that i would like to know , after the connection of the aftermarket panel (that is not recognised by Dell) ,if there will be any functionallity problem . This innolux panel is respectable next to mine , but even if i change to 40 pin cable , the panel is gonna be functional 100 ? or does the bios of the laptop prevents some actions ? Thanks again for your answer anyway