Is the Sennheiser PC350 still worth buying


Feb 23, 2014
Hello everyone, I currently own a Logitech G35 but I'll be returning those since they are defective (2nd pair). So now I am looking for a new headset. I'll be using it to game alot. I'd prefer an built in mic since I don't want one on my desk, also the modmic won't be an option since I would have to pay like 50 euro's for it which is way too much. (importing it costs 20 euro)

So after some research I found the Sennheiser PC 350. THey seem pretty decent, but they are 6 years old. Are they still good in comparison to other headsets around the same price? I'll be buying a soundcard that can support the PC 350 but if theres a better headset I might drop the soundcard.
My budget is around 150-170 euro's MAX

So my question is, is the Sennheiser PC350 still worth buying, and are there other headsets like the Sennheiser PC350 but better and around the same price since the PC350 is really old.

Thanks in advance.
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