Question Is there a 17" Touchscreen With Built in 4G LTE ? WWAN, sim card slot?

Jan 16, 2020
I've searched all over amazon, ebay, google, the usual. But I really want that easy instant connection to the internet as soon as I open the screen.
I know, I know, how lazy can a guy be, just pull out your phone, unlock your phone, (don't get distracted at this point lol) slide down with two fingers, touch the hotspot button and stare at it for a few seconds to make sure it turns on, then plug in your phone so the battery doesn't die, then pull out your laptop and plug it in, make sure that it's connected to the private connection not starbucks or xfinity to ensure you're following your company's VPN policies and get to work designing with UI interfaces and constant database and spreadsheet work... Thus the MAJOR preference of a larger screen that fits perfectly in my Osprey backpack I love.
Any Ideas with a Capitol I my road warrior tech friends?
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