Is there a switcher that can convert Digital Coaxial to HDMI output

There is no such thing as coax digital video. If your mean the coax cable that is connected to an over the air antenna or your cable provider (F connector) those require some kind of tuner not just a converter.
If you mean a composite video cable (RCA plug usually yellow) then converters are available.


May 4, 2015
I think he means the digital signal is coming in through coax (it is possible) and instead of using a digital transport adapter which drops the signal to analog, he wants to switch it to hdmi so the TV sees it as digital.

I am trying to resolve the same issue because if I connect the coax directly to the TV it does not seem to recognize the digital signal/stations.



Most service providers scramble their channels, you need a cable box to get them. The old way of just hooking up a cable to a TV to get channels will not work all the time.

Get a cable box with HDMI, hook that up to the TV.