Is there a way to create a USB or virtual USB port in Windows 10?

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Nov 3, 2015
My 10 year old Toshiba laptop died a few weeks ago, so I bought a new HP Notebook laptop with Windows 10 home edition. I use a Brother MFC 7360N for my printing needs. With my old laptop all I had to do was plug the MFC in and it worked fine using a USB cable. I plugged the MFC into the HP Notebook and it supposedly set up and installed the MFC just fine. Trouble is, when I checked the ports available on the HP for the printer, it gave me no option for USB and since the MFC uses USB cabling the laptop and the printer can't communicate and I can't print anything.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Brother MFC drivers and software, switching out the USB cable, uninstalling the root hub and even adding new local ports on the laptop, but no luck. The Brother website says the MFC 7360N is compatible with Windows 10, so I'm not sure what to do.

If anyone knows how to add a USB or virtual USB port to the laptop so I can get the MFC and the laptop to communicate with each other (LPT and COM ports don't work for this, I tried that, too) this information would be greatly appreciated.

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