Is there any good free multi seating software?

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Austin Berry

Sep 17, 2013
I have recently been interested in multiseating software; software that can run multiple instances of an OS's users at the same time. I have looked back on previous threads posted in 2008. As you can imagine, they are a little outdated.

I am looking for a way to multiseat an OS by hand. I have C++ under my belt for this instance but may not help me. I have looked into other software such as "Softxpand" by miniframe and a few other softwares but the prices can become overwhelming quickly.

My real question is, is there any way to make Windows 7 a multiseat platform without buying more software?

And finally, if there is no way possible, is there any freeware that is just as good or better than softxpand.

Thanks for everything and Everyone have a Merry Christmas!
Windows 7 is not licensed for more than one user at a time, you are looking for a terminal server solution, which you need to buy and install.
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