is there best headset ?


Jan 11, 2009

im looking for headset with the best sound quality for gaming music moives and for everything
I tried triton warhead its great but im looking for something better , I just bought beats wireless headset and I will return It tomorrow not worth it at all ,,if possible 5.1 and optical input price does not matter as long the sound quality at its best


I'm not sure of the best headset out there but I know using optical is not a good choice. My headset uses 5.1 analog.

Optical can only handle 2.1 uncompressed audio, anything above 2.1 is simulated surround sound. Analog, HDMI and display port can do true/discrete 5.1/7.1 plus. True/discrete sound means that the audio only goes the the certain channel. For example, dialog goes to the center channel, sub info goes to the sub, rear sound to the rear channel . So it offers much better surround plus being able to EQ each individual channel of audio. Why don't they make HDMI/Display port headsets?!

For that matter sound cards need to have HDMI also.

Personally for good surround I prefer my home speakers set up in my home office and my HT room with a good surround sound pre-amp and a good mic. But that does cost a bit more cash! hehe.

Be seeing you, the Prisoner...


I did read the title and choosing optical isn't the best choice for headsets. Why I mentioned 5.1 analog are better since he wants to do movies. I just added that home type speakers are my preference for best sound.

And I've heard both the Senns 360 and Astro 40s and both are pretty good. I would take the Astro 40's with the mix amp over the Senns. The Astros do a better job of simulated surround for gaming and cost 50.00 dollars less.

Happy gaming, the Prisoner...
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