Is this a good computer for sims 3


Feb 15, 2016
Im not a huge gamer but i miss being able to play the sims and am buying a new computer anyways so im hoping to find one that I can play it on low/medium quality settings. This is currently top on my list:
Toshiba Satin Gold 15.6" Satellite L55D-C5318 Laptop PC with AMD A10-8700P Quad-Core Processor, 12GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive and Windows 10 Home

Can someone tell me if this will run the sims well or if not recommend an under $600 laptop that might?
For $400 that is actually a really good deal. You should not have any problems running the Sims 3 at 1366x768 resolution on high settings.

However, if you can afford $500, then I recommend the following Acer laptop which has a Core i5-5200u, nVidia 940m and 1080p screen. The 940m is more powerful than AMD's Radeon R6 graphics core, but it is considered weak compared to the nVidia GTX 960m found in more expensive laptops. It will be more than capable of playing the Sims 4 which is more demanding than the Sims 3.