Is this a/v receiver compatible with my older speakers


Oct 29, 2016
New Receiver: AVR-S510BT
Speakers: HW-C560S

My old theater system is from around 6 years ago, I bought it as a set from Samsung and I spilled a soft drink on the receiver and it broke. So I went to best buy in all my stupidity knowing nothing about ohms, Hz, etc and they had about 10 products to choose from so I bought the best value 1 I could find for $279. I brought it home, hooked it up as thoroughly as I could and turned on the set up wizard. When I got to the part where it uses a mic to test the speakers the noise they were making was loud static (*I don’t know if it was supposed to, maybe it was), it tested the center, the front, the right, and when it got to the surround it shut off with a blinking red power LED.

I didn’t see an error message before it shut off, but I wasn’t looking at the screen or the receiver at the time and I wasn’t about to test it again for fear of breaking something or starting a fire (my roomates won’t even let me use the stove anymore, if this set on fire id be cooked, <hehe) I didn’t want to break anything so I stopped and used google and the online manual and even bing. Of the specs that I could find, I cant even interpret them without methamphetamine, which I’d prefer to save for a test.

Im looking at the settings on the receiver to see if I can calibrate it to use my speakers, I still don’t know what the problem is, but I see a setting called ‘crossover’ with Hz options for each speaker, maybe if I change them from 80Hz to 60Hz it could fix the problem? Im just mentally exhausted and really need help.

If it’s the case that I have to buy new speakers (please don’t let it be), please don’t tell me that I cant just buy a cheap set for like a 100 bucks. I don’t care if I cant hear a fly in the backgrounds bodily functions, I just want it to make noise. My old speakers were like 200 bucks with the receiver and It sounded great, I really hope I don’t have to spend over a hundred dollars per speaker, because then I’ll just go to stereo.

sorry if i wrote a book