Issue with switchable graphics


Jul 8, 2016
So i have an HP Pavilion g6t 1c00 cto notebook pc(the 4 year old one) it has core 2.2 ghz sandy bridge i3 4gb SODIMM ram at 1333 mhz and it has intel hd graphics 3000 and radeon 6950 m that is misdetected as radeon 7400m. I do not play games on this laptop, I do schoolwork, run light programs and MAYBE play a little flash games. I decided to upgrade it to an ssd which is sandisk ssd+ 240 gb SATA 6gbits/s. But the thing takes 5 minutes to boot up which is strange. and it also takes 3 mins to wake from sleep. then i found out people with switchable graphics to have this issue. so decided to disable the radeon chip and it did boot up fast. but Then the intel GPU showed a yellow exclamation point triangle sign and the laptop would freeze about 5 minutes after boot. So then i reinstalled windows 10 and drivers, and decided to use amd catalyst to turn it off. Then once i did that, it turned off the radeon it took 5 minutes to boot. then I tried using intel control panel to force intel graphics. but when i launched intel control center it crashed and deleted itself?(it would not appear in search windows). so how do i turn off the radeon without breaking the laptop?Or is there any workaround that will not use battery fast and boot fast too?