Question I've been told 2 different lies by the same Metro PCS agant in Richmond, Ky

Jul 2, 2022
I upgraded to a brand-new Galaxy A32 5G phone from Metro PCS and a week later my son changed our carrier, unbeknownst to me and, they gave me a new Galaxy A42 5G phone. I now have a brand new phone just sitting on my desk and was told I couldn't get the phone unlocked for 6 months. I called the same agent just yesterday and he first told me that I had to wait 1 year to get the phone unblocked. I told him that when I first called regarding the new Meto PCS phone getting unblocked and the same agent told me that it would take 6 months. Now I don't know what to believe about Metro PCS. I feel that both answers were lies. I want my Galaxy A32 5G unlocked pretty much right now. Has anyone else had the same issue? Did it get resolved? Thanks! Mitzi Shearer