Solved! JBL boombox buzzing sound

Jun 14, 2018
Hi, I Recently bought JBL boombox and in the low volume I can hear buzzing and it's bit irritative and not enjoying the music in low volumes. I'm really not sure how to resolve it. Can anyone please help me to resolve it?? Thank you
Since you don't have an aux input you have to be using bluetooth to get audio to it. If the problem happens with more than one source then the problem is in the JBL Boombox. Hope it's under warranty.
Jun 22, 2018
I have this problem too! It seems to be pretty common amongst JBL boomboxes, and it surely is a very big problem. The hissing sound is ridiculously loud at times, especially when below 50% battery.

I had warranty , and I replaced the boombox for a brand new one, which had the same problem from the moment I turned it on first time.

It's very frustrating, because the speaker is a beast apart from this aweful hissing sound