Just bought Lenovo T510; should I reconsdier the Dell XPS 15?


Sep 18, 2010

I just ordered a Lenovo T510 with FHD screen (Core i5 - 560).

However, just after doing so I realized for another $150, I could have ordered an XPS 15 FHD (Core i3 - 370).

I know the XPS hasn't been out for long (so its tough to determine), but did I perhaps make a mistake?

By researching a fair bit, I'd already decided that Lenovo quality (as well as Matte vs Glossy screens) was enough of a determining factor, but the specs on the XPS look pretty good now. (ie. sound and USB 3.0, HDMI)

I know this is a bit like comparing apples to oranges, and although I'm not a real big gamer (on laptops), I am a hidef video junkie.

Just curious what others opinions would be? Should I reconsider?

FYI - I decided to drop down from the W510 to the T510 for battery life and weight

Any thoughts are appreciated.



Well for $150 more you are dropping down to a slower CPU.

You are gaining USB 3.0 and HDMI, and a better "sound system", but...

1. There are currently no devices that uses USB 3.0, and even if there were, it's not like USB 2.0 is suddenly obsolete.
2. HDMI makes it easy to connect to a HDTV, but you can buy a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter for far less than $150.
3. "High fidelity speakers" on a laptop will probably sound a little better than standard laptop speakers, but it will still sound rather tiny and hallow.
4. "Waves MaxxAudio"? Again, it will probably be better than your standard audio chip, but on a desktop many people opt for on-board audio instead of an add-on card because it's free and acceptable even for playing games.

Additionally, the T510 has a matte screen vs. a glossy screen and you seem to prefer matte. I completely agree with you. I hate to be reminded how ugly I look when I am staring at a glossy screen. :) Actually, I find it extremely distracting seeing reflections on a monitor screen.

Lastly, you are comparing a high quality business laptop (it's a ThinkPad after all) to a good quality consumer laptop. I am still using my IBM ThinPad T40 which I bought in 2003.

If you have not guessed it yet, my answer is that you made the right decision.
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