Solved! keyboard and mouse problems after water spill

Jul 7, 2019
Hello everyone,

10 days ago I spilled some water on my laptop keyboard. after putting it to dry for a few days I tried turning on the device. I was only experiencing problems with my keyboard and mouse input. It seemed like the keyboard functions were mixed-up (p.e it types ae when I press a, opening random windows,...). I let it dry for a few more days and eventually cleaned my keyboard with rubbing alcohol after I removed all the keys. After this, some keys seemed to work fine, but other ones just wouldn't work at all. Also random windows kept opening occasionaly when pressing keys. I thought that my laptop would be still functional if I would use an external keyboard, but this wasn't the case. The external keyboard worked fine, but any external mouse doesn't (touchpad doens't work at all). Left click seems to delete any file I click, and this with any external mouse I try. This is very annoying because now I can't use my laptop anymore at all. Could it be that the del. key is permanently pressed down? I tried uninstalling the laptop-keyboard via device manager to find out, but oddly both keyboards stayed active. Also sometimes the external keyboard starts acting weird as well. I'm not sure what I can do best right now. Does anyone have an idea of how much it would it cost to get this fixed?

laptop model: Lenovo ideapad 510s
os: windows 10

Thanks in avance,