Solved! Keys only work when holding down key next to it?


May 15, 2014
I have a really eweird problem. My "W" "X" and "S" keys only work while holding down the button next to them. So "DS" "EW" and "CX" work just fine, but those single keys do not. I have uninstalled drivers, restarted multiple times, cleaned under with air, reseated the cable on the motherboard, and nothing. It is a laptop with a non-replaceable keyboard.

I should also add: after a few minutes, sometimes they just start working again, perfectly fine as if nothing were ever wrong. It is a really annoying bug and I'm trying to squash it. Sticky keys are disabled.
The keyboard should be replaceable. How easy that is, well that is a whole other issue, but it should be replaceable.

Does an external keyboard work fine? If so, then you may well need to replace the attached one.