Solved! Kodg virus

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Sep 9, 2020
My computer was working very nicely and then I downloaded a game from (apun ka game) and then all of my files were named as kodg and they were not opening and I got scared and I rebooted my PC and then install new windows but all of the games that were working before are lagging so so much and then I installed a anti virus software and it says the virus called Trojan is in your PC.
Plz tell me how to fix it.
And also the virus in all of the files there were a message from the hacker and it says give them money and the files to fix them
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Downloading pirated content is a classic way of getting infected with ransomeware.

At this point, your best option is to wipe the system and re-install Windows and all of your applications. Hope you have a backup for your important files.
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