Question KST earbuds produce a loud static sound

Feb 3, 2021
When I plug them into my Ipad they work perfectly fine with absolutely no static however when I put them into my pc whether that be directly into the front panel IO or the razer audio controller they have a loud static noise, if I turn down my volume I cannot hear the noise but it reappears when I turn it up even slightly, I have the latest Realtek drivers for my b450MA motherboard.
Any help would be appreciated, regards Kian


Test on another system. Your may just have a bad audio jack on the computer that causes interference with the headphone connector. Did you try the rear panel also? Earbuds are usually very sensitive since they are used on lower power devices and they can pick up any noise coming from the system which you may not hear with other headphones. Maybe an issue with grounding on the audio circuit.
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