lap top technicians


Oct 9, 2016
I've been through 15 or more of dell technicians, in repairing my laptop in the pass 3 months, laptop been to shop to only return to me with the same problems I spoke to 2 supervisors I spent one day over 10 hours on phone with one other days 3-6 hours twice a week for those months. After giving access each time other problems occur now I have 3 pages front and back of problems, they changed the mother board and hard drive in August and its worst then the one I had. I need to know who I can call to report these issues
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Well, if you are having that much trouble, I don't see why they haven't just replaced the device for you. The WHOLE thing. I would really suggest making a back up of all your personal stuff on the computer and then get in touch with them and inform them you want this replaced since they have had it way to many times and should have replaced it already.

Be firm, but don't let them talk you out of it. They will try. Go up the food chain if you have to, but don't back down.

I spent many years in customer service (tech support LOL) and many are told do whatever they can to not have to replace the device. Which makes no sense, but it happens.

Don't give up. :)