Laptop adapter sometimes detect wifi connection but most of the times cannot. However other gadgets works fine

Jul 18, 2018
I am having a trouble with my laptop's adapter. I live in a dormitory and our wifi connection isn't stable on my laptop. Moreover it (wifi connection) doesn't show in the options of connection. Sometimes it does, like when it's very early in the morning and cuts in the middle of the day, but most of the times I cannot detect it although I have already put the passwords on it.
The thing is, my other gadgets works fine. Only my laptop seems to have such problem.
Any suggestions what I should do?
The WiFi card in the laptop could be having issues. Also, if it happens more at certain times of the day, it could lose connection due to many others accessing it and causing slowing and drops in access. Very common. I would suggest first testing the device on a different WiFi and see if you run into the same problem. If you don't, the the WiFi you have been trying to use is the problem and you need to talk to their techs to get it resolved. If, however, it happens on all WiFi no matter which you are using, then it would be the device.

Should that be the case, you would need to try and see if you can borrow, to test, an external WiFi adapter. They are small and attach via USB. If that works fine as well, then your internal one is the problem and the only resolutions would be to have it replaced or to get your own external one.

You might also try (if possible there) connecting via Ethernet and see if that gives you issues.