laptop battery don't charging

Sep 25, 2018
I bought a laptop 5 years ago , brand is dell . and model is "inspiron N5030"

my original battery dead 1 years i bought new battery 1 days ago.And i tested battery.

avaliable charge was %76 but i can't charge.problem is my laptop plugged in but not charging

btw new battery is not original i guess ( i don't know totally)

Sep 25, 2018

1. Are you sure your charger is plugged in?
2. Are you sure you bought the right battery for your Dell Inspiron N5030?
3. Did the charger work on your dead battery before?
4. Can you give me the laptop battery volts, and amps, and also the volts and amps of the battery charger?

Sep 25, 2018
Hello, I see the problem now. The battery charger is not the right voltage and is a higher amp then your battery. I also see that the Dell Inspiron 15 N5030 actually was designed to work with an 11.1V battery. The reason your battery is not charging, is because you bought the wrong battery for your laptop, and then proceeded to charge it with the wrong charger. I would recommend looking for the original battery, and the right charger for your original battery.

- Benz
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