Laptop battery light is orange. I hit the power button. lights flash once and wont power on


Feb 5, 2017
My Lenovo 3000 G430 won't turn On, but the battery is charging with orange light when I plug the power cord to power. And if I press the power button, it will only flash blue light on the wireless light. If I press the power button, same blue light will show, and nothing happened. Please help!
Try the following and see if it will turn on...

1. First make sure the device has been charged.
2. Unplug your charger cord.
3. Remove the battery.
4. Press and hold the "Power" button for 30 seconds.
5. Now plug back in the power/charger cord.
6. Now put the battery back in.

If this doesn't help, then test the power cord to see if it is good. Either try your cord in another device, or try another devices cord in your laptop.

Should that not be the problem, then check the battery to see if it needs replacing.


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