Laptop Fan Help


Jul 10, 2017
So my laptop recently made a weird noise and a message appeared that there was a cooling system issue (I think a piece of the blade came off or something came loose. Its about 4 years cold now.) I want to repair this myself to save sometime from going all the way to my brother's house 4 hours away for a free professional repair, however, I'm nervous about dissembling the laptop because I'm scared I may hurt it somehow. I need to know if I can somehow check the fan of my Satellite C55t-A5222 without removing keyboard. There are only a handful of dissemble videos. I'm also looking for how to clean a G56 HP laptop's fan if you have any information along the same lines as the previous statements.
If you are that worried, I would just take it to him. Then, pay close attention to what he does so you know what to do next time. You could even consider filming it so you have it (like instructions). :)