Laptop for Computer Science Major


Jul 7, 2012
Hi, I am going to college soon and need to replace my current laptop. I am majoring in Computer Science, but I am not sure how computer intensive the classes will be. Please help me find a laptop and please tell me, if you are a college student or even better, a computer science major.

Budget: Around $1000 (the lower the better)

OS: Windows 7/8

CPU: i5/i7 (3rd gen would be nice)

Screen size: 13.3-15.6

Gaming: Minecraft is the most I play (medium settings would be nice)

Weight: less than 5.5 pounds

Screen resolution: 1920x1280, 1600x900

Things I want: good backlit keyboard, SSD, 5+ battery life, Matte screen, thin and lightweight.

Laptops I have been looking at: Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (expensive), Thinkpad t430s, HP Envy 14 spectre, Dell XPS 13/14, Samsung series 9 (expensive), Asus Zenbook, need more 15" options

If you have suggestions or comments, please tell me.

I actually prefer online buying like amazon.