Laptop for computer science student/gaming?


Jan 5, 2015
In no particular order, I'll be using my laptop for:
-computer science work (programming, probably some graphics programs)
-regular schoolwork (microsoft word, Internet research, etc)
-personal use (browsing the web, watching youtube, etc)
-tampering around with programs like photoshop and blender for fun
-gaming (the sims and the occasional random other game

It needs to be practical for school, so:
-not too huge (im thinking 15-16" display)
-not too heavy
-practical design (doesn't scream "gaming computer")
-can handle intense usage and graphics programs that a computer science major will need

I'm hoping for a computer that can run The Sims 4 on high settings and has nice specs for the other stuff I like to use my computer for (photoshop, blender, etc)

No more than $1500, hopefully no more than $1200

Tl;dr I'm looking for a computer that's practical for carrying around at school all day, but also has decent specs for gaming.