Laptop for my grandma

Sep 15, 2018
So my grandma has an intel Core duo laptop that's eleven years old. It's been breaking down and it's extremely slow. Even though she is a senior she still works and writes books and reviews texts for friends and family. Occasionally she's on google and YouTube too. I was thinking off buying her a new laptop.
Would this be a good choise for her needs. I don't have a lot off money.

If you have any other suggestions please comment those.
Thank you very much in advance.


Chromebooks are limited. They have little memory and little storage space. Netbooks, we'll lump into the same category.

If she needs software like the Microsoft office suite, she may want to choose something a little better and higher end than a Chromebook or Netbook.

Plus, old tired eyes sometimes prefer to have a slightly larger screen. Netbooks and Chromebooks might be hard for them to read well at 1080p.

Looking at what's available there, even for a decent Netbook you'd have to probably go up to at least a minimum of about 350 to get something that doesn't have a six year old processor in it.



Anything in that price range is going to come with setbacks.

Bben Notebook
N3450, 4GB Ram 64 GB eMMC, Open slot for M.2 SSD (Up to 512 GB)
-good Connectivity
-M2 Expansion " Add a cheap 120gb for less than $30"
- Overall quality is about the same as Chuwi, uses the same screens so they are Okay " Brightness is kind of low, Low field of view, Lower color gambit
- Hard key keyboard is more responsive over the soft keyboard used at that range
- Touchpad is a bit touchy

N3450- Okay for general uses, will not encode H.265 videos you will need at least an N4200 for that.

Jumper EZbook X4
Gemini Lake N4100 "This is Gemini Lake not Apollo Lake" Quad Core, 4GB RAM 128GB ROM
-Good Connectivity and Dualband wifi
Screen, Keyboard, and Touchpad are the same

That Yepo you posted uses a Wifi card that is unpredictable.


Yepo is an unknown for me. Never encountered that brand before so I can't really make any judgements about it but usually, even when it's in an unfamiliar region, the better products are still ones that you have heard of before and are familiar with like Lenovo, ASUS, Dell, HP, Acer, etc.

For products with non x86 CPUs, maybe not so much. Keep in mind though that a lot of Windows based applications won't run on some of the other processors so knowing what applications she prefers to or has to use, might be helpful too.

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