Solved! Laptop freezes after 10 minutes

Jan 27, 2019
Hello, my laptop all of a sudden always freezes after 5-10 minutes of usage and Even though sometimes the "mouse" on the screen keeps moving, the apps/ internet freezes, ctrl alt del doesn't work either, I always have to reboot it. Then it works fine again for 5 minutes and no matter whether I do something or not, the laptop freezes again. I checked for viruses and malware, nothing has been detected. I tried to do the reinstallation from a date when it was still Ok, that didnt help either. Any thoughts on how to solve this / What could be the issue? Thank you

[Windows 7]
Are you using a HDD or SSD?

If you are using a HDD, run a chkdsk to check the drive for errors, you can also try defragmenting the drive. (Don't defragment if you're running an SSD).