Question Laptop freezing for milliseconds


Mar 15, 2020
Hello, I am coming with strange problem. I've been dealing with this since i bought my laptop - MSI GL62 7QF (2016 i guess). It keeps freezing for milliseconds at random time. For example in games(CS:GO) it freezes mainly when changing weapons, starting round or when enemies appear on a screen. But those freezes are not only in games. It can stop while i'm normally using computer. Most common example is when I'm using Android Studio and I'm trying to type or change a file, it freezes for maybe a second(seems like it's loading?) and keep going normally. I've updated all drivers, searched for help in the internet but nothing helped. I've even reinstalled windows and again updated drivers but it didn't help. I've checked discs and they seem to be ok. I've also checked temperature of CPU while gaming, but it doesn't overheat. I've checked the logs in eventvwr but it doesn't show anything that seems to be wrong. Idk really what to do, I really hope you help me guys, because it's really annoying :( System is Windows 10 Education 64bit.

EDIT: Logs in eventvwr shows: "The speed of processor 1 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report. " and so on.
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Sounds like you may have more running on it, likely in the background, than you realize.

NOTE: Be careful what you change in the following area or you could make things much worse.

  1. Go to "Start" and in the "Search" box type "msconfig" (without the quotes).
  2. Now click on the "Startup" tab and see what is running from the moment Windows starts to load.
  3. Uncheck things you don't want or need to start as the computer does, making there be less running and using resources. (I refer you back to the NOTE above.)
Once done save your changes and you should be prompted to reboot the computer.


Mar 15, 2020
I don't think it's that much. Screen
And idk if this error log has anything in common with my freezing problem. It appears like maybe 3 times a day? Freezes happens much more often. I've tried testing my GPU and in benchmark, these freezes happens as well as in game :/
Well two of those running the background would use a bit of resources, but they wouldn't have been on the computer when purchased, so unless you installed them immediately that wouldn't be it.

You can try going into your graphic settings and also your power settings to see if there are any tweaks in there. Additionally if you don't turn off or reboot the computer regularly you don't get access to all resources, so I would do so more often. Sleep and hibernate don't help in that.


Mar 15, 2020
Everything seems to be ok in power settings. It's set on maximum performance. I don't really know what to do.
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