Laptop giving problems

Bloody Chainsaw

Oct 29, 2016
My friend's laptop started hard freezing randomly, except he could access the power menu. So i got him go restart in safe mode and run windows defender. A bunch of viruses were cleared out. He rebooted, but now although he can use the keyboard, chrome etc., is working, he cannot use his mouse. It shows the blue load circle instead of the cursor. Task manager also is not responding, so i cannot see load percentages. I think the problem is disk related. Advice?
If that is the only program he used to clean it out, I would really suggest getting one that does more. AVG, Avast, Avira, etc. There could still be more. You should also try running programs to check for malware and for spyware (not checked for by most virus programs). These could also be a problem.

Try the following and see if it fixes it...

1. Go into "Control Panel".
2. Click "Hardware and Sound".
3. Now click "Mouse and Touchpad".
4. Now go to "Additional mouse options".
5. The Mouse Properties window will open. In here click on your device.
6. Make sure your device is set to enabled. If it isn't then click "Enable Device".
7. Exit both that screen and "Control Panel".

Also, you might want to check for updates to your drivers, including the Synaptics drivers.

If this does not help, and an external mouse works fine, then it may well be a hardware issue.
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