Laptop Graphic Card Issue - Games Crashing When Plugging Charger


Sep 13, 2017
My Laptop is Lenovo Z5170 Core I5/8RAM/Radeon R9 M375
I bought it new with this problem.

First watch this video to know what is happening


The Problem is that When I Plug The Charger in High Performance Mode, games and heavy graphic apps like 3ds max crash and show these messages: "Display Driver AMD driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered" or "Application has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware". But it doesn't do this issue in Battery Save Mode. The game screen crash but sound is normal as I still play then the game stops.

Please take a look at these images:


But I have to make it in High Performance mode to able to play games.
My friend has the same model of laptop and its very good.

When I used MSI Afterburner app to measure the graphic card temperature and usage it show very strange result.
Temp is max 511C before launching game .. but it be normal like 52C after launching game.
Usage also be in max 200% before launching game.
I tried every Software solution like Changing Windows systems 7/8.1/10 or ATI Drivers from Lenovo or AMD web site .. Also tried every windows tip to solve this but it failed.
I also tried another charger.

I feel it is hardware issue but what exactly? I don’t know.

Please help me to solve this annoying problem.