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    will XFX ATI 7750 1 GB DDR5 CE Graphics Card work on HP Compaq dc7700 CMT Convertible Minitower

    I have an HP Compaq dc7700 CMT Convertible Minitower with 5G Ram,365-watt PSU. will XFX ATI 7750 1 GB DDR5 CE Graphics Card work on it. or what is the best graphics card it can handle.
  2. A

    HP Pavilion HDX9000 Series, ATI HD 2600 XT 512MB GPU Card. 452322-001 Graphics Card

    I have a Dragon Pavilion HDX 9000 laptop and the video boards has developed a fault displaying odd charters on screen. Usually this is a video memory failure and sometimes the video processor. I do not have an oven to experiment heating it to temporarily fix the issue. Can anyone advice me on...
  3. G

    i want to play fortnite on my computer and it is saying the installed version of the AMD graphics driver has know issues ATi M

    im just trying to play fortnite and its saying the installed version of the AMD graphics driver has known issues. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 series. Installed 8.970.100.9001 recommended 16.60.2711.0 can some one please tell me what to do because this is very confusing so can some one tell me...
  4. N

    Solved! ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 2GB shows as Standard VGA Graphics Adapter

    Hi people. I am not sure how this happened, but i was unistalling some stuff from my lap, turned off for the night, next morning i see that my graphic card is vanished, and replaced by VGA Graphics Adapter, it has a yellow triangle on device manager list. No unistall done was related to ATI, or...
  5. M

    Upgrade graphics; Dell Inspiron 15 7548 i7; Intel HD Graphics 5500; AMD Radeon R7 M270

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7548 i7 with Intel HD Graphics 5500 and AMD Radeon R7 M270 Graphics. This machine is used for my Design Consultancy, I don't require gaming speeds. Neither do I actually work with Solidworks to create drawings. But I do receive them and need to conduct quick reviews...
  6. messinio.88

    Laptop Graphic Card Issue - Games Crashing When Plugging Charger

    My Laptop is Lenovo Z5170 Core I5/8RAM/Radeon R9 M375 I bought it new with this problem. First watch this video to know what is happening The Problem is that When I Plug The Charger in High Performance Mode, games and heavy graphic apps like 3ds max crash and show these messages: "Display...
  7. F

    i cant up my dedicated vram on sony VGN FW21L (ati radeon hd 3400)

    total memory 's 1536mb plz help dedicted memory 's 256mb
  8. I

    Event Viewer Logs Error

    I tried running an application and it froze my pc. So I went to the event viewer logs to see what was the issue and it says ATI EEU PnP start/stop failed. What does this mean and how do I fix it? I'm currently running Windows 10 64bit.
  9. K

    Ati mobility radeon x1400 windows 10 driver

    Hi guys! Could you help me find a windows 10 driver for this video card: Ati mobility radeon x1400? I'm searched the internet,but couldn't find it :( Laptop: Dell inspiron e 1505, 2gb ram 160 gb hdd, intel i2: 1.86ghz Pls help :)
  10. T

    Solved! ATI Radeon X300

    Please tell me where i can get this software on 32 bit please help me out
  11. D

    Can I swap out an Quadro fx3700m for an ATI 7740m Firepro in a Dell Precision M6400?

    My gpu got fried somehow In my m6400, and when I started researching possible causes I found that a lot of people were having issues with crashing with the fx3700m. It would seem the better option is the ATI card, but is it just a simple swap? thanks
  12. F

    Switchable Graphics BS

    So, I have a Laptop Dell- Inspiron 15 -i7 - 8 GB Ram- Ati Radeon R 5 - 4 GB Switchable graphics ( with intel bla bla ) ...ALL Games are working like crap. laggs a 2 FPS seems sometimes even from games like NFS most wanted or older games .I have installed all possible drivers, set all...
  13. M

    can i change mu geForce card to some ATI on my ASUS Vivo 501 notebook?

    can i change mu geForce card to some ATI on my ASUS Vivo 501 notebook? ...I have several problems workig in ACad with GeForce.. Thanks
  14. C

    Games on Lenovo G50-80 80E502Q3IH 15.6-inch Laptop (Core i3 5005U/4GB/1TB/ATI Exo Pro R5 M330 2GB Graphics)

    I recently bought Lenovo G50-80 80E502Q3IH 15.6-inch Laptop (Core i3 5005U/4GB/1TB/ATI Exo Pro R5 M330 2GB Graphics) and i wanted to know list of decent casual games i can play on this configuration..appreciate any suggestion...:ange: Config as follows 2GHz Intel Core i3 5005U processor 4GB...
  15. P

    dell inspiron 5737 - 5870m problem

    Hello, While playing a game on my Dell, A blue screen showed up with a atimpkg.sys error. I rebooted the it and it was ok until it showed up again after 2-5 minutes. I uninstalled the drivers and had nothing but problems after that. Whenever the new driver is installed from Dells portal, once...
  16. I

    Lenovo Y560 (with ATI HD 5730) Black Screen Issue

    Hello i have a laptop with ati radeon hd5730 and also i have problem with black screen after the windows logo. In a nutshell if i try to install amd grapchic card drive (latest drive, beta crimson drive, first drive of my laptop's manufacturer website , 14.4, 13.3 or others) with plugged in...
  17. I

    Which laptob is the best from those?

    I wanna a laptop for gaming and college not above 600$ ! I found 1- lenovo ideapad 500 i5 2- dell 5558 i5 /4GB GPU 3- HP G3 450 i5 Those which I found in my country !
  18. S

    can i play csgo??

    i use lenovo 17aa can i play csgo with ati radeon hd 3200 graphic
  19. E

    Update a ATI to an AMD

    My card is an ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 and its a 10.1. I need someway to manually download it to 11.0 Is there a possible fix for my problem?
  20. L

    Laptop doesn't boot/open after AMD update.

    Hello, I updated AMD driver and after reboot, my Asus laptop ( windows 7 Ultimate x64) didn't boot at all. Only machine sounds are coming and that's it. No light or anything on screen. I can't reach the boot settings or bios. How can I fix ? Thanks.
  21. A

    I accidently deleted my ATI graphics card! PLEASE HELP! Will i be unable to ever play games again!?

    I wanted to fix some kind of problems my original graphics card had, I searched online for fixing softwares and microsoft gave me one but i did not now it was going to delete my ATI graphics card and download the basic microsoft display adapter please help!
  22. ArnsteinB

    Which replacement for ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 ?

    A good friend of mine "got Windows 10 without accepting it" (:-)) on his diagnostic laptop (he is a car mechanic). It is a HP Pavilion DV6 Core i3 with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 graphic card. There are no Win 10 drivers for this card. Any suggestions for which card he can/should buy? P.s...
  23. U

    Laptop graphical distortions on screen

    Hi, I have a HP Pavilion DV6 3180sd from 2012. My laptop has a switchable graphics function, whenever it switches to ATI the screen goes all strange. It has to do something with the gpu because same thing happens when connecting to an external monitor. This only happens with the ATI card, using...
  24. R

    Intel HD graphics and ATI Radeon graphics card, blackscreen issue

    Hello there ! HP g62 a80sv Intel core i3 cpu @ 2.13 Intel (R) HD graphics 4gb RAM ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 (disabled) I was given this laptop around 5-6 years ago, informed that the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphics card was burnt. Trusting this info, i've been using the laptop ever...
  25. T

    ati 4650 or amd readon 2100

    i have a aging pc and i just want to play light games eg. csgo, tf2, minecraft, stream 1080p youtube, etc. pc specs -athlon x2 4400+ -3gb ddr2 ram -4tb of hdd space -250w power supply -amd readon 2100 integrated graphics i was looking at the ati 4650 im buying it for 40 bucks (i...
  26. A

    Replace on board ati hd 4250

    Hey guys, I take off my faulty on board hd 4250 and now I'm wondering if I can replace it with an other hd 4250 from a different motherboard on a different laptop.
  27. K

    BSOD and Display driver stopped responding error Windows 7 ATI HD 5470

    Hi all, I'm having this problem on my laptop from quite some time with this so any help would be greatly appreciated, and will try to explain everything I tried on this as I already tried many things in different threads. My system is, HP G42 363tx Core i3 370M ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 4GB...
  28. B

    2GB R7 M265 ATI Radeon or 2gb Nvidia 920m

    i am planing to get a buget laptop for work n gaming dota 2 and csgo..which 1 is better?
  29. H

    Video Driver No Display just lines.

    Hello I have an HP Nc6400 Notebook, it used to work fine but one day when I was watching a movie, the display went black, i restarted and it worked that day, after it whenever I turned on my computer it worked for 5 mins and after that then screen used to go black, but now whenever I install my...
  30. C

    Issue when playin games on TV theough HDMI

    Hey guys, After I installed Win10 on my laptop I noticed something very unusual. Whenever I use the HDMI output to play a game I notice a huge FPS decrease, although playing with the same video configs and same resolution as when I play through the notebook screen. Tried to to anything I could...
  31. V

    which of these laptops is the better performer for 3D applications ?

    i need a laptop to study 3D modeling, Analysis and occasional gaming. which of these will be a better performer HP AB125AX - A10 8700P , 2GB R7 M360 Graphics & 8GB ram(1600 MHz)...
  32. A

    What is the best gaming driver for Ati Mobility Radeon HD 5650

    Sorry for bad english :/ As you can see Afterburner says my driver is 14.4 But i have 2010 CCC And this is my dxdiag Things dont feel right... I want you guys to help me finding the best driver for gaming. I Tried 11.11c but its bad for me becuse what it does is crashes many of my games...
  33. B

    3 monitors, only 2 detected.

    I have a HP laptop with a ATI Mobility Radeon x2300. I am trying to connect 2 monitors to it using a 2 way splitter. However
  34. K

    Laptop ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 resets itself constantly

    I've tried everything from updating the driver, deleting driver and restarting system, changing output screens, using the ATI catalyst application to no avail. The system works with zero issues at max resolution and suddenly randomly just starts randomly picking display settings and changing to...
  35. T

    How to enable crossfire in this machine

    Guys, I have a laptop (HP pavilion g6)with AMD A6-3400M. It says that it has Radeon Dual Graphics. The Speccy gives me one ATI AMD RADEON HD 6520G and one ATI AMD RADEON HD 6470M. It also gives me that Crossfire is disabled. So, here is the question: how can I enable crossfire in this machine? I...
  36. G

    Change motherboard HP dv6-6170us

    Hello, After having problems with my Graphics card i'm thinking about changing my motherboard. While searching i found out that it has this model "641488-001" with the description from HP Maintenance guide: "For use only with computer models equipped with a quad core processor, the Intel HD6770...
  37. Pcguyfin

    ATI Mobility Radeon x700 Windows 7 drivers.

    Hello I have Fujitsu Siemens Amilo a3667g running windows 7 32-bit with mobility radeon x700 graphics card. I cant seem to find any drivers other then what windows finds by itself and that driver is from 2008. I know this is a old computer but I was wondering if somebody knows way to get newer...
  38. P

    Help for choosing laptop for design and gaming ₹35,000

    Hi friends... I am going to purchase a new laptop soon for mechanical engineering design and low to medium gaming....... I have searched and found thia help me in choosing one and any suggestion is appreciated...
  39. M

    Internal monitor works, external shows black.

    I've both (64-bit) Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.4 on my Inspiron N4030 Laptop with AMD Video card. One day, I've noticed something strange on both systems, The screen resolution suddenly changed to 800*600, I didn't give much attention to this so I changed it back to 1366*768 and continued my work...
  40. J

    will the Alienware M15xR2 amd ati 5870 graphic card work in alienware M17xr2

    i have an alienware m15xr2 with amd ati 5870 and an alienware m17xr2 with amd ati 4870 my m17xr2 graphic card took a crap the other week. i was wondering if its possible to out the m15xr2 graphic out and install it in the m17xr2. are the m15xr2 and m17xr2 gpu compataible, I've been researching...
  41. G

    Looking for a 11/13 inch laptops for under $1k

    My current laptop is 4 years old, heavy, 15" (not compact enough to carry around), and it's a mac, not that I have anything against Apple or anything, but I prefer Windows. I'm still in high school, and I need my laptop for most of my classes, so I need something lighter. I'm looking for a new...
  42. G

    Help! 11/13 inch laptops for under $1k

    My current laptop is 4 years old, heavy, 15" (not compact enough to carry around), and it's a mac, not that I have anything against Apple or anything, but I prefer Windows. I'm still in high school, and I need my laptop for most of my classes, so I need something lighter. I'm looking for a new...
  43. jadc007

    External Graphics caddy - Do they exist ?

    Hi all, Before I start please refrain from saying " Why don't you just get a gaming desktop and etc " Right I have the MSI GS60 2QE which is a wonderful gaming machine but there are some games and programs where I need the extra power and I was wondering how well do the external graphic card...
  44. W_willis101

    Please don't be RIP

    So my ATI Radeon 7960 graphics card switch button, (on my Alienware 17x r4, which will restart my PC to boot instead with the Intel Hd4200 GPU to the ATI Radeon 7960, or vice versa) but something odd happens when I flip it to the ATI... The laptop screen color itself will appear pinkish, yet...
  45. Valenfield

    Having problems with an ATI Radeon HD 5470M

    Hi all! One of my brother friends has a laptop ''HP Pavilion dv6'' with an i5,4gb ram and radeon hd 5470m and Integrated Intel HD Graphics. Well, he's recently having some issues at running games on this card. Basically, if he tryes to play a DX9 or DX10 game with ATI Radeon card, the game runs...
  46. B

    Unable to update the display adapters and also windows resource protection found corrupted files and were unable to fix them

    1. I was then looking at the knowledge base which advises to perform a sfc/ scannow This has come up with a message that we have corrupt files The case manager installed the latest version then caused issues - my laptop kept crashing. They uninstalled the latest one and told me that I had...
  47. B

    r9 m275 lenovo y40 help!

    I have a Lenovo y40 laptop, just installed windows 10, had the core-static\cli.exe error so I could switch my video card to the one that is listed above instead of the crappy intel video card. Now that I uninstalled every AMD related thing on my laptop and reinstalled the catalyst, It will not...
  48. M

    Can you put a higher amperage PSU for a laptop to increase graphics power?

    Hi, I have a dell studio 15. The charger is only 5A, however, the graphics card inside can use up to 15 amps. Graphics card is dedicated ATI Mobile Radeon HD 5470 Graphics If I get a 20A charger, but with the same voltage, will my graphics card be able to take advantage of the extra power input...
  49. J

    Lenovo G510 gpu drivers problem...(r7 m265/Opal XT 6604)

    Hi, when i install the newest r7 m265 drivers for my g510 laptop from lenovo support site or amd site (07.28.2015) they lag a lot, but when i press the "update driver software" in device manager it updates the graphics to "Opal XT/GT (6604) from 09.09.2013...BUT they work perfectly...again BUT i...
  50. M

    ATI blue screen !!

    Hi, my laptop model is lenovo y560 with ATI 5730 graphic card alongside intel graphic and i bought it 4 years ago. By now i recovered my windows for 3 or 4 times. Unfortunately, recently my master graphic card (ati 5730) does not work properly and sometime release an blue screen error(specially...
  51. M

    Which one of these is the most powerfull

    So, I'm going to buy a laptop but cannot decide what to pick since all candidate has a different specs and especially deifferent graphics card... I'm going to use it to do Video editing like Adobe Premiere, Corel, Lightroom and stuff some old games like battlefield 3 so which one of these is...
  52. C

    Switchable Graphics - no HDMI output after disabling ATI graphics

    My laptop is Lenovo Y460, which is using switchable graphics (ATI and Intel). The ATI part was burnt out few weeks ago. So I uninstalled and disabled the ATI graphics and I am now using Intel graphics only. But after that I can't use the HDMI output anymore. There is no response from the TV...
  53. M

    Lenovo Edge 15, ATI 545v Problem temperature

    Hello, please help. I have a problem with the temperature. more pictures laptop is cleaned, thermal compound: Arctic Cooling MX-2 Please help.
  54. K

    is it good for gamming

    I am going to buy a g40-45 which has an amd a8 6410 2.0-2.4ghz with 8gb of ram and 2gb of ATI EXO PRO R5 M330 graphics and 1tb of hdd is it good for heavy games like crysis 3, battlefeild 4, gta 5, watch dogs etc.... And also for multitasking.
  55. A

    Laptop under 1000$

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a laptop and the best i've found is this It has gtx 960m...
  56. G

    Would a Dell M6500 run NFS Rivals

    Specs i7 920X 2.0GHz ATi FirePro X7820 or Quadro FX 3800M 8GB Ram
  57. R

    how to increase vram in laptop

    i have a vaio laptop and my gpu is ati mobility radeon hd 4500 it has 1GB vram and im looking to increase it my specs are the following intel pentium duel core @1.87GHz 2GB ddr3 ram windows 8.1 and gpu is ati mobility radeon hd 4500
  58. G

    Distorted Display, Color lines and Pixels

    Hello everyone, My daughter's old HP nc8430 laptop running Win7 suddently started acting weird and displaying colour lines and distorted pixels: I connected an external monitor and this was the result: Is the graphics card dead? I believe that it is on-board so replacing the mptherboard...
  59. Y

    can i run gta eflc

    i want to play gta eflc on my pc i have 6gb ram, i3 processer, 2gb ati radeon can i play gta eflc
  60. Y

    Can i run gta 5 on i3 6gb ddr3 and ati radeon 5450 2gb

    i want to buy gta 5 but i am in doubt that it works or not i have i3 processer, 6gb ddr3, ati radeon 2gb