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  1. L

    Ati mobilty radion 5470 problem

    Hello, i've cx620 3d msi notebook with intel processor core i3, windows 7 32bit, 4gb ddr3 ram and graphic ati mobility radion hd 5470 1gb . oneday while i was working on my notebook suddenly screen turned to black and notebook was still running when i restarted notebook same problem was there...
  2. A

    Drivers for ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650?

    Im sorry if this is in the wrong section. I have an HP dv6t 3000 or something, it has Intel HD and the ATI Mobility 5650 dedicated card. Intel HD is crap as we all know, so when I tried playing Cod4 using the ATI card I lagged like crazy. Even though I remember I could play Mafia 2 maxed out and...
  3. R

    Ati Radeon HD 5450

    Background of screen split ,in colour.all icons etc are showing would this be the graphics card ????? Thanks
  4. A

    Toshiba Laptop ATI Driver Woes

    As many people have experianced, when you have a toshiba (or other branded laptop) the graphics drivers from ATI wont install, and give an error when you attempt it. Now, I was eondering... If i format the laptop and reinstall windows from scratch... Will The Catalyst drivers work?... or is...
  5. M

    Ati tv wonder tv tuner version 6,13,0,2408 driver

    my tv tuner.. ati tv wonder tv tuner version 6,13,0,2408 driver
  6. C

    6850 vs gtx560ti

    Hello, i need to say: ati radeon 5850 or nvidia gtx 560ti 2GB for render or 3D programs?
  7. L

    Dv6zqe with 3550mx with 7690m performance test

    Has anyone tested ANY brand laptop w this UNoverclocked configuration?: AMD A-8 3550mx gpu and 1G ATI 7690m dedicated gpu.. Would like to know if it's a worthwhile investment, powerfull arrangement for the money. HP has thier dv6zq (Quad series) laptop, but test of any other will do. Thanks...
  8. T

    Best laptop for the money/

    Hi everyone! I am currently looking to replace my gateway nv78 (t6600 2.2 GHZ, intel gma 4500d). The major problem is cooling, as it will regularly hit over 60c just browsing online, 90c in simple games, like sins of a solar empire. In looking for new laptops, I found an asus laptop with amd...
  9. G

    Ati card detection

    Hi there, I have a LG R405-s.cpeet notebook pc, somehow the graphics card which was manufactured by Nvidia damaged. The technical service, after a long while, claimed that they could have only found an ATI graphics card which is compatible with another version of R405. But the operating system...
  10. P

    Best Ati 6950 to unlock Shaders

    on a budget and can only affort the 6950 but want to see about unlocking without any problems like artifacts
  11. B

    Ati HD 6750m or nV GT 555m?

  12. O

    ATI Mobility 5470 - 3DMark 11 - terrible results?...

    Hi all can anyone make any sense of these results from 3dmark 11?.. Im sure something seriously wrong with my ati graphics but have no idea what. All the drivers are up to date, and all the settings in catalyst control center are set to performance. The Intel graphics work better than the ati 3...
  13. T

    Ati mobility radeon hd 5470 1gb perfomance

    help me please. ATI radeon hp G42-360tx for windows 7 32-bit
  14. O

    Optimize ati mobility 5470 (512mb version)?...

    Hello, I've just got a hp dv6-3130sa i5 m460 cpu 4gb ram ati mobility 5470 (512mb version) win7 home premium I know this card is not meant for gaming but i had hoped it could cope with games better than it can. If it really is this bad then i just want to get it running as well as it possible...
  15. F

    Can ati 6770 run bf3?

    i am getting a laptop with i7-2670QM 2.2 GHz(turbo boost to 3.10ghz) ati radeon 6770m 8gb of ram 17inch screen and it is the hp dv7t quadedtion
  16. T

    ATI Mobility Radeon 5730 problem

    All right I have a weird problem. I have an ASUS laptop with a first generation quad core i7 and an ATI Mobility Radeon 5730. Lately it has stopped running games as well as I would like it to. Specifically Modern Warfare 3. I keep lowering the graphics settings and it just gets worse and...
  17. R

    How to recover lost radeon chipset

    Hello, i have hp pavilion dv6 6121tx with switchable graphics. until today it was working all fine but accidently i deleted my ati folder which was containing ati chipset. now m unable to switch to high performance gpu and in device manager under display adapter i see der only intel hd graphics...
  18. W

    Ati mobility radeon hd 5470 driver for mac

    ati mobility radeon hd 5470 driver for mac
  19. J

    Mobility graphic cards?

    Hi, Now Im using asus n61jq it has Ati radeon mobility HD 5730 graphic card. Is ati mobility radeon 5470 better than 5730. Last two digit expresses performance, does it true?
  20. T

    Solved! Help me to decide ?

    I am between: HP DV6 3052nr: CPU: Intel Core i7-720QM RAM: 6GB GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 1Gb dedicado Screen: 15.6" HP ProBook 4720s: CPU: i7-620M RAM: 4 GB GPU: ATI HD 6370 Screen: 17.3" HP DV6-BTO: CPU: Core™ i5-2410M RAM: 6GB GPU: ATI HD6490 Screen: 15.6" I need the most powerful...
  21. E

    Solved! 1GB dedicated ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 switchable graphics vs 1 GB Nvidia Gef

    Please assist, I want to buy a relatively cheap core i5 laptop, mostly interested in the graphics card coz I do alot of gaming. which graphics (1GB dedicated ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 switchable graphics vs 1 GB Nvidia Geforce) is better. Other G-cards suggestions are very welcome.
  22. 0

    How to set hp g62 vga setting to pkay fifa 11

    how to set hp g62 ati mobility 4250 to play fifa 11
  23. S

    Device driver software of ATI Express Raedon 200 series compactible with windows

    Hello, Could you please tell me how can I get driver software of ATI Raedon Series 200 Series compactible with Windows 7
  24. M

    Ati mobility radeon hd 9700 graphik

    Hello, my laptop can't see the graphik card
  25. N

    Solved! ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 6570 Graphics vs intel HD and laptop enquiries

    Hi, Im looking to get a new laptop mostly for gaming. Any ideas which laptop is better between this 3 or any other model out there that is better? and im on a budget of about $800-900 if possible.. and which of this is better ? ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 6570 Graphics vs intel HD...
  26. A

    Solved! Which one is better?

    ATI radeon HD5470 graphics or Nvidia geforce gt520m. which one is better? please help me.. thanks...
  27. A

    Solved! Compared: Ati radeon 5470 and nvidia geforce gt 520m

    whats is the better video card between this two? please help me thanks...
  28. Shpati

    Where is the best place to get an ATI/AMD driver for a notebook GPU?

    Hi, Was wondering where you guys think is the best place for me to get a driver for my ATI 5730 notebook GPU. Like for the AMD website. Should I get them from the notebook driver section, or from the desktop section. I heard AMD does not really do much with their notebook drivers, and ASUS...
  29. G

    Solved! Ati mobility radeon 5470 VS NIVIDIA GEFORCE 410 M

  30. C

    Mod for PowerDirector8

    Anyone know of a mod to enable additional ATI models for hardware acceleration in PowerDirector8? My system has all the capabilites CyberLink says it needs to have otherwise. PD8 just isn't picking it up. Thanks in advance.
  31. jijoslin

    Ati hd6950 unlock?

    Can you still unlock the hd6950's to 6970 speeds? or was that when they first came out only?
  32. W

    AMD/ATI Catalyst Control Center

    I just installed the latest CCC on my Dell XPS 435mt to try to correct issue I have been having with my display (graphics adapter driver crashing causing blue screen dumps). Current display info: Name ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series PNP Device ID...
  33. D

    Ati 4250 sideport memory

    Hello, Hello, I have a hp 4165dx with a ati 4250 with a sideport and I was wondering if anyone know's the part # or name of the chip that goes into the grphics card?
  34. I

    Solved! What is an improvement for the ATI mobility radeon 5470

    I've had my laptop for awhile now and ive found im not to pleased with the ATI mobility radeon 5470 for gaming and I was wondering what would be a upgrade?
  35. M

    Solved! Help!

    hello, what is an ATI high definition Audio device?
  36. M

    Solved! Help!

    hello, what is an ATI high definition Audio device?
  37. E

    Solved! MSI GT683R vs. Sager NP8150-SI

    I am looking at the MSI GT683R with the GTX 560M or the Sager NP8150-S1 with the ATI 6970M. The Has much better sound and is just cooler but the Sager has the ATI 6970M. Any Thoughts??? I want to play Battle Field 3 when it comes out and Crisis 2 and others but I guess those will be the most...
  38. A

    Solved! Replacing integrated graphics cards

    I have a Compaq presario CQ56Z laptop with a ATI mobility Radeon(TM) HD 4250 graphics card. I was thinking about changing it to a ATI 6250 graphics card. What are some ways I can do this without buying a new laptop or replacing the case that it's in?
  39. R

    Ati mobility radeon hd 5470

    Hello, I can't play games on my laptop. Someone can halp me? Thanks.
  40. K

    Solved! Which is Better ATI Radeon 550v or 5650v

    I am planning to buy a Dell laptop, but could not make-up mind to go for which one, ATI Radeon 550v or 5650v. Would anybody please tell how much these two GPUs would differ in performance.
  41. G

    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470

    Hello,what do you think about this graphics it good enough to play 2011 games?
  42. thephenom696

    ATI Tray Tools ATIPDLXX.dll error HELP NEEDED!

    Hi! so recently, i had installed new windows 7 home premium, 64bit to my desktop pc. and i get the installation process done, but when i open ATI Tray tools, it will simply say: Can not initalize ATIPDLXX library! Exiting now... How the hell should i fix that? note that this program had...
  43. R

    Fps and gameing experience, Ati mobillity radeon HD 5650

    hi there people. Well i bought Dell inspirion n 5010 i5 core, 4gb ram, ati mobillity hd 5650 card. in every game i have a bad working game with a low fps i feel this laptop isnt working good and i think that graphic card is a reason. i updatead it with drivers on dell page ( those are from...
  44. S

    Solved! Laptop for video editing

    Hi Guys! Just want to ask what's the best laptop for: - occasional gaming, after effects, photoshop, cinema 4d. AMD Phenom™II Quad Core N930 2.00GHz / 2Mb / 3.6GT / 35w ATI Radeon™ HD5470 Graphics 512Mb VRAM Core™ i5 430M / 2.26GHz Processor ATI Radeon™ HD 5870* 1Gb GDDR5 VRAM Core™i5-480M/...
  45. A

    Solved! Hi am adarsh.

    am currently using ati mobility radeon 512 mb graphics card in my acer laptop..........can i upgrade it to nvidia 1gb or more memory..........????? pls help the ati is not so good when compared to nvidia........
  46. G

    Nvidia geforce gt 425 vs ati radeo 5650

    Hello, i want to buy a laptop but i don't know which graphic card to choose.please help me.
  47. A

    Unlock Ati HD 5830

    Hi, i have Sapphire ati radeon hd5830. Is there any way to unlock the GPU ? THX
  48. S

    ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD550v 64-Bit 1GB DDR3

    Where can I purchas this card ? Thank You
  49. W

    Ati x1400 vs hd2300

    Dell 1705 has the ati x1400 card and need to upgrade to something better but without the heat problems with the nvidian 7800 or the fx2500. My Dell is 2007 vintage but do not want to buy a new machine. Basic question is what ati card replaced the x1400? was it the Hd 2300?
  50. P

    Ati Catalyst Control Centar

    Hello, I have installed windows 7 ultimate 64bit on my laptop and i was trying to install CCC but as i extract proper setup and all that program only installs ati manager app,im geting whole install pack form and my graphic card...
  51. M

    ASUS G73JH-A1 with ATI Mobility 5870

    Hi, Can someone tell me if OCZ High Performance memory PC3-10666 1333mhz Dual Channel SODIMM will work in my Asus G73JH with ATI Mobility 5870 graphic card.
  52. S

    Solved! ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 550v - 1GB (India) VS Intel® HD Graphics (Indi

    Which is better ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 550v - 1GB (India) OR Intel® HD Graphics (India)
  53. S

    Ati catalyst download

    Whenever I am trying to download the new 11.1 ati catalyst mobility driver for my lenovo ideapad y560, it gives a message that "ATI Catalyst Mobility download cancelled". But this did not happen when I did the catalyst 10.12 on 7th jan, it was smoothly downloaded. I do not understand this...
  54. M

    Solved! ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 vs NVIDIA GeForce GT 425 M

    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 vs NVIDIA GeForce GT 425 M which is best for 3ds max?
  55. P

    ATI HD 4850 Drivers not Supported or Not Installed!

    hello my video driver didnt install when i loaded my windows 7 cd can u help me please i dont know what to do please
  56. A

    Does 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD550v Graphics support Revit?

    Does 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD550v Graphics support Revit?
  57. D

    SketchUP + AMD 6950

    I'm on the verge of buying a 6950 but I do a lot of modeling in sketchup and know that in the past it has had problems with ATI cards. Does anyone know if newer ATI/AMD cards (specifically the 6950 would be great) work with SketchUP? I've been using an older ATI mobility card for years and...
  58. Klosteral

    ATI HD 5740M

    Hey there Tom's Hardware, I have come across a laptop that apparently has an "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5740M" but I cannot find a record of this thing anywhere! This is a link to the website: The site says this: K52DR-EX143V AMD Phenom II P920 Windows 7...
  59. Klosteral

    Solved! ATI 5730M vs 5740M

    Hello Tom's Hardware, I am looking at buying a laptop with one of the below graphics cards. ATI Mobility Radeon 5730M ATI Mobility Radeon 5740M The problem is I haven't seen reviews for this card anywhere and my preferred website - - does not seem to have any record of it. I...