Optimize ati mobility 5470 (512mb version)?...


Jan 4, 2012
I've just got a hp dv6-3130sa
i5 m460 cpu
4gb ram
ati mobility 5470 (512mb version)
win7 home premium

I know this card is not meant for gaming but i had hoped it could cope with games better than it can. If it really is this bad then i just want to get it running as well as it possible can.
I did a benchmark test on gta 4 and got 8.5 fps with everything set on the lowest settings (and lowest resolution). Driver parellel lines works better but its still unplayable, you cant drive fast and it be smooth enough to not crash >.< - if i set it to a lower resolution it just make the image smaller, it dosent stretch it out. Tried batman arkum asylum and it works but not well enough to play. Played Half life source and than worked fine, no lag at all, but thats an old game isnt it?..

Have you got any tips on how to get this poop card working as fast as it can go?... Ive got the latest drivers for it from hp, and everything it set to maximize performace in the catalyst control center.

Any help would be much appreciated - ive spent over 100 hours trying to clean this laptop of bloatware and set it up how i want it lol...



Apr 6, 2011
sorry to say but 10-15 fps is as fast as that card can go in latest games, if you were planning to play games on the laptop you shouldve gotten a better GPU


Jan 4, 2012
Are you sure its normal to get 8.5 fps on gta4, even when its on 800x480 resolution?..

I found the results from the gta4 test:

average fps - 8.55
cpu usage - 25%
system memory usage - 53%
video memory usage 45%

video mode - 800x480
texture detail - low
render quality - low
view distance - 1
detail distance - 1

Ive seen videos on YouTube of people playing gta4 with this card, and they have similar cpu and memory etc.
Have you got any ideas to test the card with software to try and find any bottlenecks anywhere?.
I ran one test (cant remember the name of prog but it moved my desktop shortcuts about so i got rid of it) and the intel graphics tested ok (low score) but when i tried to test the card it failed the first part of the test completely so wouldnt even bother to do the second part (3d cars driving about)... Surely the ATI chip should work better than the intel chip on things like that??..

Also i know many people play with lower resolution to get better performance but when i do that it just makes the image smaller - how do they get it to "stretch" the image to the size of the screen?...

I knew this card would be pants but i thought i could play some newish games with all the settings lowered?..



Jan 6, 2012
hi there funny u should get dat low frame rate when i got the same GPU aswell....but my cpu is an AMD phenom II p960 quadcore processor running at 1.8ghz and i get decent frame rates (20-30fps) at higest resolution (1366x768) and medium settings...may be the problem would be the power configuration of the laptop...u see laptops nowa days have this settings option which allow for longer battery life which means reducing GPU and CPU speed...on my laptop whithout battery my GPU runs at 150 mhz core and 200 mhz memory while the cpu runs at 800 mhz thus making games unplayable...what u should do is configure you power settings by going to...
1.clicking on the battery icon on the taskbar
2.selecting more power options
3.then clicking on change plan settings on the option that you are currently on
4.then click on change advanced power settings
5. a little box should appear allowing you to customize the processor and GPU speeds and performance
6.scroll down to the processor power management option clicking on the plus symbol then selecting the minimum processor state change both percentage to 100%( what this means is the lowest processor speed and by setting to 100% u have chosen the highest speed to be the lowest setting possible.
7.scroll all the way to the bottom where u should see ATI graphics power settings.click on the plus symbol again then u click on the plus symbol again for ati powerplay option and change both of them to maximize performance.

That should solve your problems....BTW dont listen to anti zig your laptop can handle latest games if just set to the right setting...i can play both batman arkham city and Skyrim at 25-30 fps...anyways i hope u can fix ur problem


Jan 4, 2012
Hi there,
Thanks a lot for the reply bikola.

Unfortunately it didn’t help. I had the power saver set to max performance plugged in and max battery life on battery, for both the Intel and ATI graphics chips. I only play games when it plugged in so that shouldn’t have made any difference but I set them to max performance on battery as well juts to be safe.
The CPU minimum processor state was 5% and I changed that to 100%, I got hopeful that that was the problem but it didn’t make much difference. I think it may have made it work a tiny bit better. I’m glad I know about that processor setting now anyway, thanks. BTW does having that on 100% all the time have any drawbacks apart form battery life?.

Me and my brother were trying to figure out what was wrong with it last night and now have found out that Assassins Creed, Batman Arkum and Driver parallel lines all work better on the Intel chip than on the ATI one!... This cant be right can it?... Something much be wrong with the ATI?..

I think this lappy is going to have to go back. It’s a refurb, maybe it was sent back the first time because of the graphics and they just sent it back out hoping that a non gamer would buy it and not notice the problem...

I’m glad you think it shouldn’t perform as bad as it does, hearing how bad everyone thinks this card is on the net it would be all to easy to just accept that its performing as well as it can. But now I’ve seen the Intel chip work better then the ATI and your same card works much better than mine I know something is wrong with the ATI in this laptop. There’s no way the Intel chip should perform better than the ATI on 3 different games is there?.

I’ve only ever had 2 laptops, the last one I had was a refurb and the track pad broke in the first few days, now this one looks like the ati chip is knakered >.< This is what you get for trying to get good specs for as cheap as possible lol..

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