Having problems with an ATI Radeon HD 5470M


Sep 21, 2015
Hi all!
One of my brother friends has a laptop ''HP Pavilion dv6'' with an i5,4gb ram and radeon hd 5470m and Integrated Intel HD Graphics.
Well, he's recently having some issues at running games on this card.
Basically, if he tryes to play a DX9 or DX10 game with ATI Radeon card, the game runs but the screen remains black.
We tryed multiple games (Splinter Cell Blacklist, DOA5 last round, COD: Black Ops,) all games who needs dx9-dx10 support and they all had a blackscreen.
I doubt it's a problem of the games because it was possible to hear game audio on the background.
Plus, we don't know why but if we try those games with Intel HD, they all run fine...
Also, if we try a DX11 Game on Ati, it works.
We tryed AC:Rogue, DX11 exe of Splinter Cell Blacklist and Ryse son of rome and they all worked fine on ATI but not on Intel HD because of the lack of DX11 support (the one he has only supports DX10)
Anyone knows the cause of this?
It look's like now ATI only runs DX11 games but before it used to run DX10 and DX9 games as well...


Mar 16, 2009
Because it's a laptop, I think the best thing that your brother's friend would do is go to the HP service centre, let them check it for you.
Before that, if you have time, you can try reinstall the driver, let us see what will happen next... :)