Laptop HP Pavilion DM4 CPU 90 Degrees - Should I be worried?


Jul 19, 2014
Laptop sometimes runs between 90-95 degrees while surfing the internet. Other times it goes down to 70 degrees, but there's no pattern as to when it heats up. I try to keep it on a laptop tray when its on my lap, but this doesn't seem to help. There was a period of about a week maybe a year ago where I could hear something in the fan, and the laptop was switching off a few times a day due to overheating I presume. This hasn't happened since and I can no longer hear anything in the fan (unless its lodged somewhere). There is a slight smell of burning coming from the left side vent when it hits around 90 degrees.

Just wondering if the temps are normal.
Thanks for any advice
Hi, maybe it's time to clean the fan with compressed air, it will be recommended to open the laptop to clean the fan. Also change the thermal paste on your CPU, this will maybe lower the temperature.