Laptop In-Built Keyboard Fault

Aug 10, 2018
My Laptop's inbuilt keys are not working. any of them.i dont worry about it at all. i got a usb keyboard and plugged it. but when im using the laptop some keys are being pressed all the time. i cant use the laptop at all. so i used ''KeyTweak'' and disabled the keys for now.

i need to install a new os to my laptop now. i cant do anything in the bios because the keys are being pressed all the time. so i need a solution to fix this because i need to install new os to my laptop

My Solution - Disconnect The inbuild keyboard's power cable.

I need to know if doing this fixes my issue. waiting for you guys help. please reply ASAP
Question from sankalpasubodha : "My Laptop's Keyboard Issue"

That may not work. Many laptops will not function without that keyboard attached. It should also turn off (not work) when an external USB one is attached.

The best resolution is to replace the keyboard.