Laptop is behaving strangely. Works only when its Upside Down. Doesn't work when its upright.


Apr 20, 2014
I'll start from the very beginning so please bear with me.

    I was playing State of Decay on my Sony SVE15117FN laptop and it got really hot and so I quit the game and tried to restart my laptop. It shut down normally but didn't boot as expected.

    The screen was blank; no output; dead. The laptop, however, seemed to boot and the indicator lights showed a normal flickering sequence for about ~30 sec before it shut down automatically. This kept happening even after I tried all the recommended solutions (you know, try to boot the laptop without the battery and with the power, vice versa, BIOS reset by pressing the power key for about 30 seconds and all that) and the Sony Service Center instructed me to do the same which didn't work and he said that it was likely a hardware issue.

    I tried reseating the most common parts of my laptop (RAM, HDD, DVD Drive, Fan, Battery) and the service center guy tried to do the same and then he refused to proceed further because he needed my laptop and I needed my data. After this incident, I noticed that the HDD LED that was flickering earlier stopped to do so (with the HDD connected of course) and I've checked again & again for loose connections but there aren't. Is my HDD damaged?

    I removed my FAN, Disk Drive and the HDD and tried to boot the system with a live Ubuntu Flash Drive. This I did while keeping my laptop upside down (with the back exposed) and power plugged in. The screen that had been dead till now started normally with the BIOS screen. But this time, as soon as I try to click on 'Try Ubuntu without Installing', the laptop shuts down abruptly.

Help? Any ideas on how I might approach the problem? Thanks.


Apparently, I forgot to put the fans on the motherboard and this is why the laptop kept shutting down. Now, I have plugged in the FAN and the 'shutting down' has stopped. The laptop is working as it should. Everything's fine. This is however is applicable only when the laptop has been kept upside down with the back exposed.

I tried to reassemble the laptop (Battery and USB Live Boot added and Laptop kept straight, HDD and Optical Disk Drive Removed) and the Laptop screen goes dead again and the system starts shutting down.

Any Ideas Now? :(


Sep 8, 2014
Well if you need your data badly I would suggest removing the HDD, placing it in another system, then transfer the data on it to either cloud storage/google drive or transferring it to an external SSD/thumb drive. Then you can take it to the service guy again and let him have at it with your laptop. He's got your laptop to fix, you have your data. Problem solved?