Laptop keyboard keys are pressed automatically


Oct 19, 2013
I have a HP laptop with Windows 7.
One fine day, the help and support pane kept flashing up, and it just wont go.
So I downloaded KeyTweak(with great difficulty) and disabled F1 key.
Now the laptop starts with big beep and I have to press escape and it shows computer properties. Then it lets me select "Windows 7" option.. after the computer loads up...
the Windows Key (left side) is pressed automatically (i saw it in on screen keyboard) and I cant do anything about it.
Please help.


Oct 23, 2009
no seriously if you have a spare usb keyboard try attaching it .. as for your F1 key binding thing you sol boot into bios if possible probably something like f10 or f7 and just hold it down there should be a basic option for usb keyboard or disabling the onboard keyboard. if not you really made things difficult.
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