Laptop no longer boots


Aug 21, 2014
Hi everyone, I think I'm out of luck here. Let me explain what happened in detail.

I have a laptop which model is pretty similar to the MSI GT80 Titan, except it's sold and built by CyberPower PC. And no, they aren't the problem. I was playing a game two days ago and I spilled Kool-aid over my keyboard. It mainly hit the leftmost side, so naturally I didn't really panic because I thought that the keyboard (because it's mechanical) wouldn't be able to get into the components. I kept playing after the spill but then I decided I should do something, so I wiped it off and took it apart.

I cleaned it all up, and nothing managed to get into the core components. I wait a day, boot, and the keyboard is a bit broken. I grab a blow dryer and I revive it apart from sticky keys. So, I use the straw method to fix them, but in the process I may have shorted out the red LED strip above the keyboard. No big deal, right? I guess not. Another day passes, today, and I notice the escape key is still sticky so I perform the straw method again. I dry it via blow dryer, take off the back cover, blow dry that for a while, and then proceed to unscrew the whole bottom cover to expose some of the keyboard to check for more damage. In the process I pull up near the battery, it moves up, but that's no surprise, because it sits on a metal frame that holds it up. So I inspect the keyboard, it looks fine, and I screw everything back together.

I press the power button and nothing. I plug it in via AC, nothing. It's either I jarred something loose with the battery, had some liquid make contact with the battery or internals, or I shocked it to death via static because I wasn't grounded. I don't know what one it could be, but I hope I didn't fry anything. This is a really expensive laptop and I'm really freaking out now. Especially because no signs of life are showing including the LED indicators for WLAN, battery status, and HDD status.

Does anyone have any ideas? Did I fry the internals? I found no evidence of water damage anywhere near the battery. I really want to get this working again.

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