laptop not charging SOS!

Jose Munoz

Jul 27, 2013
model: pavilion dm4-1265dx

problem: charger plugged in and shows yellow charging light on laptop after one 30 minutes I press the power button and nothing happens and the yellow light turns off.
what I did: took the battery out and tried to power on with charger plugged in only, didn't work.
I also held down the power button for 30 seconds without the battery inside and nothing happened.


Apr 3, 2013
My laptop does the exact same thing. It use to work without battery with the charger only. Now it will only run if the battery is plugged in and if it gets unplugged the computer shuts off (dead battery doesn't hold a charge).

Something on my motherboard surely fried and I've never bothered to take it in since all I use it for now is for running servers.

Take your laptop in and ask them to take a look. I bet there's a problem with your power delivery. They might need to replace the motherboard.