Laptop not responding to power button


May 25, 2012
I have a LG R510 - G.APM2A9 Laptop and since two days ago it has stopped responding to the power button. The last time I successfully used it, I had closed the lid and put it into sleep. About 2 hours later when I tried to turn it back on, it would not respond to the power button. Furthermore, it is not an issue with the battery or charger as I have another laptop of the same model that works with both batteries and chargers.

The "broken" laptop still recognizes that the battery is being charged (battery in) or that a charger is plugged in (if battery is not in).

If you require any additional details please inquire.



I have the same problem.
When I press the button, for a short time an orange lamp comes on and the green lamp for charging goes off.
After a few seconds the green lamp for charging comes on again.

I have ordered a new power button board for 20 Euros and I will replace it tomorrow.
To take apart the notebook to access the power button is easy.