Laptop not starting the first time and fans going to the max


Nov 9, 2016
I have an assus kv55m with windows 7 installed on it. About a month ago it starting to not working properly, when i start the laptop it turns of after a second, it sounds like is starting to read the hard drive but then it stops, turn off and start again. After doing that several times (from 1 time to 7) the laptop starts, but then when windows is loading the fans starting to work and make a lot of noise.
When the laptop is heated a bit, then I can stop ot and start it again and normally the fans stop (but not the starting issue this keeps happening).
Also i had some blue screens now and then. The screen says that there is a driver power state failure.
Do you think is this a problem with the motherboard? It have any posible solution?
It sounds like you have a two fold problem. The motherboard is starting to have issues, probably due to over heating and your hard drive is starting to go.