laptop overheating thermal past replased and no heat from fan


Dec 19, 2016
Dear toms hardware
So I'm stressed the hell out I've taken this thing apart twise now and can't fugour out the problem.
in its idle stat with just speccy running it jumps to 90-93c and petiodicly drops down to around the 60c range then back up fan is a little loud but I'm asuming that's normal when it gets that high.
Ied post a picter of my screen but I'm typing this of my phone cause the high temps scare the shit out of me and im afrade of how hot it will get whall browsing.
its only just been going on for about 4-5 days now it use to run at about 30-40c under little to no loads and 40-50c whale gaming I've never had this problem before nore where that's any warnings or any thing odd about the computer up to the point it started overheating .
Also when I replaced the thermal paste the old stuff was almost clay or puddy like and the laptop is little more then 2 years old

My lap top is a
HP 15 notebook(energy star)

Windows 10 was 8 or 8.1 but it updated like last year or somthing

Prosseser is a
amd a8-6410 apu with amd redeon r5 graphics 2.00ghz

If you need any thing else spec wise I didn't put let me know and sorry for the long post I figure the more you all know the better also if possible let me know how to post imiges from phone if the need arisis any help is greatly appreciated



Jan 8, 2017
Had very similar issues with ASUS N53Ta Notebook ........ overheating after about 40 minutes and was doing practically now work.
CPU Temp: 101*
Fan Speed: 30
were the readings from Afterburner.

Research suggested dusty or dirty fan etc, i wasn't convinced. Gut said a software issue to me.
Full reinstall windows 7 ............... no changed. decided to Flash the BIOS, the latest version was already installed but i flashed it again.
on restart instantly could hear fan working and feel air blowing out of the vent.

Has been running for over 2 hours now downloading a tonne of updates and no issues ..................... fingers crossed
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