Laptop power issue


Aug 11, 2016
Hey, so recently ( yesterday) I disassembled my HP Pavilion g6 for cleaning and to aply a new layer of thermal paste. Everything went well and i applied the new layer of thermal paste. I re assembled the laptop and when pushed the power button, it wouldn't power on. I disassembled it and made sure the ribbon cable for the power switch was inserted and was secure and it was. I also checked the power inputs connector and that also secure. I pressed the switch again and it wouldn't turn on. I took the ribbon cable off and put it back in and it powered on. Fast foward to the next day (today) I had the same exact problem and fixed it the same way. But when i plug in the power cord there is supposed to be a light that pops up to show it is connected. When i plug it in, the led does not light up and the power switch does not work. Please I need help.