Laptop powers on for 1 sec then off


Nov 28, 2015
Hi guys

Spec for my laptop -

Wanted to upgrade the cpu so checked with the manufacturer and ordered a refurbished compatible cpu from a 3rd party (Intel Core i5-4200M 2.5GHz CPU Mobile Processor 3MB 5GT/s Socket G3 SR1HA). Also ordered some mx-4 thermal compound.

The motherboard is as follows:

Manufacturer Notebook
Model W35xSTQ_370ST (SOCKET 0)
Version Not Applicable
Chipset Vendor Intel
Chipset Model Haswell
Chipset Revision 06
Southbridge Vendor Intel
Southbridge Model HM87
Southbridge Revision C2

I did not update the BIOS as I could not find a one for the motherboard (version was 2.15.1236 2012 AMI).

I went ahead and removed the old cpu and placed in the new refurbished one. Some pins had to be straightened slightly on the new cpu but it fit in no problem. Applied the thermal paste as usual and replaced heat sink etc. When I went to power on the laptop the LEDs lit for a second then it turns off. I did this all with the battery out and power cord unplugged and made sure to earth myself multiple times. Only issue I had during the process was one screw fell into the laptop, I had to rotate the laptop several times to get it the out.

I replaced the old cpu and the same problem still occurs on hitting power - LEDs appear for a second then laptop powers off. No image, no beeps and no fan.

I have tried the following:
- powering on and off with no battery in and just power cord and again just on the battery.
- removed battery and held power button to release all power.
- removed CMOS battery and replaced it.
- replaced RAM into a different slot.
- checked all screws are tightly secured.

Nothing has worked. Doesn't anyone by chance have any ideas? Did I somehow wreck the motherboard?

Appreciate your time and any responses.

Many thanks




Sep 15, 2017
It is quite possible you may have damaged the motherboard. You said you did put the old CPU back in and not still did not work? The fact that it won't start-up with new or old CPU is a classic motherboard failure. If it started but shut down after 30 seconds then I would say it was due to overheating. Did you wear an anti static wrist strap or use some anti static mat? When doing something extensive like you are working on it is good to cover all bases. I have swapped many components from motherboards without anti static wrist straps but it only takes one time!
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