Solved! Laptop reads HDD but still refuses to boot


Dec 29, 2017
My Acer Aspire E5 774G 546F, reads my hard drive on the BIOS but doesn’t boot. I know the hard drive is not at fault as I have already replaced it and I still have this issue. This started happening after the laptop was dropped, it froze and restarted leaving me on the ‘No Bootable Device’ screen.

The alternate boot option, ‘Legacy’ does the same thing but only on the Windows 8 version of the ‘No Bootable Device’ screen.On the F12 boot menu it doesn’t show anything to boot up on.
The hard drive that replaced the previous one has the same specs as the previous hard drive, I also use no USB or CD drive and even hard reset the laptop and nothing is working.

Help please.
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