Laptop screen dim even after an inverter change


Dec 7, 2009
My laptop screen goes dim within less than a second of switching it on. There is a visible picure on the screen but the backlight isn't on to bring the brightness to easily viewable levels. I've tested the laptop on an external monitor and it works fine.

I've replaced the inverter but it hasn't fixed the problem.

If I close the laptop screen, then open it, the screen backlight comes on for a split second then goes dim again.

The fact that the screen comes to life for a split second would seem to rule out a cable fault. The fault free image on a second monitor using the VGA port would seem to rule out a gfx card fault.

Any ideas? Should I just swap the screen?
Just a slim possibility, but many laptops have a small reed switch under the front edge of the palm rest, and a magnet in the top of the display bezel that meets up with and actuates the reed switch to turn off the display when the laptop lid is closed. Perhaps the reed switch (if there is one) is malfunctioning.