Solved! Laptop screen not turning on, external monitors still work

Mar 7, 2018
My girlfriend has an Acer Aspire V 15 Nitro Black Edition VN7-593G-74FW since about 1 or 2 months. Until now, the only issue with it was that the fingerprint sensor stopped working, which I fixed by uninstalling the driver and restarting.

3 days ago, when she started it, the screen wouldn't turn on. I have taken a look at it, and here's what I know: External monitors still work fine, just the screen on the laptop stays black all the time. The red light under it also still works. She told me very rarely there would be some kind of whitish flash, a little bit like a crack on the screen when she turned it on, but then nothing.

I can't get into the BIOS by the way, as external monitors seem not to work until the laptop has booted into the Windows login screen. The laptop looks like new, no cracks, dents, anything. I can't see spills or anything else that might have damaged it. She said it was lying in her bad before that happened, but she always takes care that the exhaust isnt covered.

In device-manager the screen doesn't even show up, it's like it was unplugged. It is - as I have said - in perfect conditions, there are no cracks or unusual things on the screen. I also tried patching the BIOS, but it was already on the newest version so the laptop refused to install it.

Our options are:

I can open it up and see if anything is in there, like a disconnected cable, but that seems to be unlikely. I guess there is no point in doing so?
Return it to Amazon and get a new or other one.
Go to a repair shop and see what they will do.
What can you suggest me?
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