Laptop shut down when using internet browser


Feb 2, 2017
First off sorry for my english, but it is not my first language.

This problem started to occur two months ago when ever I use google chrome for some period of time my laptop shut down without showing any error message.

I formatted the laptop but the problem still happen, even changining the internt broweser doesn't solve the problem, I used internet explorer and firefox but still same problem happen.

I'm sure it is not a heating problem because the cpu and gpu temp are 50 C to 60 C.
This problem doesn't happen if I was using microsoft office programs or programming using matlab for example. Only when using internet browser.

And yeah one last point, I don't use battery for my laptop because it's worn out.


Feb 2, 2017
Does this ONLY happen when using an internet browser. For example, if you use it for a long period of time in another program does it still shut down and give you the error message? Also, can you please add the error message it gives you so we can look into it. You seem to not be the only one having this problem.

A few more things, is your laptop a Toshiba? And this problem is more than likely not having to do with the battery so do not worry about it. I thank you still for adding that piece of information.

Joshua Grullon


Feb 2, 2017

It does not give error message, it just turn off and when I turn the laptop on it just asks me if I want to start windows normally or go to safe mode..etc.
And yes it only happen when I'm using internet browser. I notice that in google chrom the problem is more intense because the laptop shut down only a few minutes after launching chrome. while in internet explorer it takes more time for the problem to occur like half an hour or 45 minutes.
My laptop is HP DV6. I bought it back in 2009 but still work great until this problem started to happen.
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